Eastleigh Aikido Club

Tomiki Aikido, a Sports Aikido Club

What's Aikido all about?

The purpose of this page is to take some of the mystery out of starting Aikido.

To give you a good idea of what to expect can make it a lot easier to join.

Come Along!

Why not come along to our next lesson? The best way to find out about what Aikido is really all about is to "come along".

Beginners are always welcome (the first lesson is always FREE so you can "try before you buy").

Aikido can be picked up at anytime. You do not need to wait for the start of a beginner’s course. Each student is taught at their own level, working at their own pace.

Give it a try!

We have always found, if you are game to come and try a lesson once, student’s usually come back again. (It can look scarier watching from the side of the mat than it actually is). We promise to take good care of you. It’s the Eastleigh Aikido Club Law.

At least you can talk to students and the instructor to really find out what Aikido is about.

"We have a great phrase you will often hear when people ask you what Aikido is about...Just grab my wrist..."

Notes from the beginners/students
What to Wear?

Wear something loose that isn’t going to hamper your movement.

  • Tracksuit Bottoms
  • T-shirt (You may wish to wear a Rugby top or long sleeve shirt the first time for a bit more padding)
  • No Shoes or Jewellery
When and Where?

We train on Monday and Saturday at The Toynbee School, Chandlers Ford

For exact details please go to our Club Details page...

Say Hi and introduce yourself

Don’t worry we don’t bite. Introduce yourself to anyone wearing "white pyjamas". We will talk you through what will happen on the mat and introduce you to the instructor (see list and pictures on Instructors page).

What’s next?
  • Take off any jewellery and anything else that might get caught in clothing or damaged
  • Empty your pockets - so nothing falls out on the mat
  • Switch mobile phones off

This will give you a quick insight into most Lessons, so you know what to expect.