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Aikido 4 Women


Aikido is great for women because:

  • It is not about strength
  • It does not teach you to "attack" others
  • It is predominently for defence against being grabbed, pushed, restrained or hit
  • You do not learn to punch or kick others
  • Expertise is judged on technical ability, not strength
  • Aikido can be applied in your own self defense or throwing a man
  • These simple effective skills can be learnt quicky, but must be practiced regulary

Aikido is the building blocks of the restraints that the Police use to subdue offenders. It is also the basis for restraints taught in schools. It's about your own personal awareness and how to subdue someone bigger than you by using their own force against them and not relying on strength. In this age of criminals suing victims, why take the risk?

Aikido is an effective martial art for women because we do train with men, so you can see how effective your technoques are and what it feels like to:

  • Be attacked by a man
  • See how to defend yourself against a man.
  • See how different it feels when attacked by people of different sizes and shapes, it makes a difference.
  • Gain self confidence, self awareness and quicker reflexes to deal with a variety of situations.

Having a female instructor like Nicole Anson can show you how effective Aikido can be for women.

The only way to learn is to Give It A Go...