Eastleigh Aikido Club

Tomiki Aikido, a Sports Aikido Club

Frequently Asked Questions

Can children do Aikido?

Absolutely!!! We have classes for kids as young as 5 years old. It is GREAT for kids and lost of fun. Please check out aikido4kids for more details.

What about women?

Women and men both learn Aikido and train together. As Aikido is not based on strength and does not have punches or kicks involved, it is suitable for both women and men to train together. It is very important to train with men so you can apply your Aikido techniques to all types of people. Women and men both compete in competitions together. In the demonstration events sex does not matter, in the Randori competition the sex are separated but women still enjoy the challenge of testing their aikido skills.

What about older people?

Learning and practicing Aikido is something you can do for life. You can practice from the age of 4 to 94... and still find something new to learn. All physical abilities and disabilities can be taken into account and still make learning Aikido a positive experience for all.

Do I need special equipment to start?

No. Just go along to the club wearing something loose, like track suit bottoms and a t-shirt. After a few weeks, when you have settled in, you may want to buy Gi (martial arts suit) - which cost from about £22.

How much does it cost to practice?

See Club Details for more information.

Eastleigh Aikido Club is non-profit making enterprise. We practice Aikido for the love of the art and we pass them on free to those who are interested, just as they were taught to us. Lesson fees cover the hall hire and operating costs of the club only.

Once you have joined the club, you will also be asked to join the British Aikido Association. Membership of the association provides benefits such as insurance cover and most impportantly the ability to attend gradings, competitions and seminars.

What sort of insurance cover is there?

Your insurance is covered under the Instructor's personal insurance through the British Aikido Association. then add "Once you start coming regularly, it is recommended you join the British Aikido Association after about 4-6 weeks which will cover your own insurance. Click here to view the the BAA membership web page.